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Cemeteries D-F

This is the collection of cemeteries from the Davidson County Cemetery Survey that begin with the letters D through F.

All cemeteries are available for browsing by clicking "View All" below. You may also easily search through all cemeteries in the survey by using the search box at the top of the site.

Dabbs (Removed) Cemetery
Davidson Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Davis, Robert Cemetery
Day-Morgan Cemetery
Deaderick, George M. Cemetery (Lost)
DeMoss, Abraham Cemetery
DeMoss Cemetery
DeMoss, Jesse S. Cemetery
Devon Farm Cemetery
Dickinson, Charles Box Tomb (Lost)
Dillahunty Cemetery
Dillahunty, J. S. Cemetery
Dixon Cemetery
Dodson Cemetery
Donelson Church of Christ Cemetery
Donelson Family Cemetery
Donelson-Hutchings Cemetery (Removed)
Donelson, William "Ingleside" (Removed) Cemetery
Dotson-McNeal Cemetery
Dozier-Adkinson Cemetery
Dozier Cemetery
Dozier, Kate Hooper Cemetery
Drake Cemetery
Drake-Walton Cemetery
Drennon-Jenkins Cemetery
Driver, Columbus Cemetery
Druard Cemetery
Duke Cemetery
Dunn-Croft (Grassmere) Cemetery
Dunn-Shute Slave Cemetery (Grassmere)
Earhart Cemetery
Easter's, Aunt or Nightingale Cemetery
East (Removed) Cemetery
Edgefield Cemetery
Edgefield Junction Cemetery (Under Study)
Edgeville Benevolent No. 2 Cemetery
Edmiston-Edminston Cemetery
Edmiston-Scales Cemetery
Edmondson Cemetery
Edney Cemetery
Eggstein Cemetery
Ellis, Albert H. Cemetery
Ellis Cemetery
Ensley Cemetery
Eskridge Cemetery
Estes (Removed) Cemetery
Evans Cemetery
Evans-Hill Cemetery
Ewing, Alexander Cemetery
Ewing, Nathan Cemetery
Ewing, William Cemetery
Ezell Cemetery
Faircloth Cemetery
Felts, Cary Cemetery
First Baptist Church of Hopewell Cemetery
First Baptist Church of Joelton Cemetery
Fisk Cemetery
Fitzhugh Cemetery
Fly Cemetery
Forehand-Jones Cemetery
Forest Grove Cemetery
Foster-Owens Cemetery
Freeman Cemetery
Frierson-Voorhies Cemetery
Fryer Cemetery
Fuqua Cemetery
Fuqua-Vanderville Cemetery