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Cemeteries A-C

This is the collection of cemeteries from the Davidson County Cemetery Survey that begin with the letters A through C.

All cemeteries are available for browsing by clicking "View All" below. You may also easily search through all cemeteries in the survey by using the search box at the top of the site.

Adams-Kimball Cemetery
Adcock, Henry Cemetery
Albert H. Ellis Cemetery
Aldrich Cemetery
Alford Cemetery
Allen, James Russell Cemetery (Destroyed)
Allison Cemetery
Allison-Lewis Cemetery
Anderson-Johnson Cemetery
Anderson-Jones Cemetery
Andrews Cemetery
Appleton-Phipps Cemetery
Arnold (Long Hunter State Park) Cemetery
Austin Cemetery
Avril Cemetery
Ayes-Woodard Cemetery
Bacigalupo Cemetery
Baggerly/Bagley (Long Hunter State Park) Cemetery
Baker Cemetery
Baker (Faulkner) Cemetery
Baker-Goodrich Cemetery
Baker, John Howell Cemetery
Baker, J. W. Cemetery
Ballentine Cemetery
Barnes Cemetery (Bells Bend)
Barnes Cemetery (Tusculum Road)
Barnes, Robert N. Cemetery
Barnes Site Cemetery
Barnes, Thomas Cemetery
Barrow (Removed) Cemetery
Barry Cemetery
Batey Cemetery
Battle Cemetery
Baxter Cemetery
Beck, John E., Jr. (Removed) Cemetery
Beech Grove Cemetery
Bell Cemetery- Bell Road
Bell, Cemetery - Windwood Lane
Benevolent Society #79 Cemetery
Benevolent Society Cemetery
Benevolent Society Church Cemetery
Benjamin Gleaves Cemetery (Destroyed)
Benson Cemetery
Benson, Lorenza and Uma Cemetery
Bess Cemetery
Betts Cemetery
Binkley Cemetery
Binkley, J.R. Cemetery
Binkley-Steele-Hagar Cemetery
Blackman Cemetery
Blair Cemetery
Blair-Mann Cemetery
Blunkall-Bennett Cemetery
Boaz-Cantrell (Removed) Cemetery
Bondurant Cemetery
Bondurant Cemetery
Bordeaux Cemetery
Bordeaux Gardens Cemetery
Bosley (Removed) Cemeteries
Boyd Cemetery
Breedlove Cemetery
Briarville Cemetery
Briley Cemetery (Removed)
Briley (God's Acre) Cemetery
Briley, John G. Cemetery
Briley, Martha A. Cemetery
Brittle-Blair (McWhirtersville) Cemetery
Brown, Joe E. Cemetery
Bryan-Dillahunty Cemetery (Removed)
Bryant's Grove Cemetery
Bryanttown Cemetery
Buchanan, James Cemetery
Buchanan, John Keys (Removed) Cemetery
Buchanan's Station Cemetery
Burnett Cemetery
Burt-Cawthon Cemetery
Butterworth Cemetery
Byrd Cemetery
Calhoun Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery Historical Information
Campbell Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery (Couchville Pike)
Campbell, William Cemetery
Camus Cemetery (Lost)
Cane Ridge Cemetery
Carmack Cemetery
Carney Cemetery
Carney Cemetery (Mayo Cemetery)
Carney-McKinney Cemetery
Carney, Vincent Cemetery
Carper Cemetery
Carper-Shelton Cemetery
Carter-Hurt Cemetery
Cartwright Cemetery
Cartwright-Cunningham Cemetery
Casey Cemetery
Cassman Cemetery
Castleman, George Cemetery
Castleman-Greer Cemetery (Lost)
Cato Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Chandler Cemetery
Chandler, Richard Grave (Removed)
Charlton-Henry Cemetery
Cherry Hill Cemetery
Chickering Cemetery (Removed)
Clements-Gleaves Cemetery
Clover Bottom Development Center Cemetery
Cloyd Cemetery
Cochran Cemetery
Cockrill, John and Ann (Removed) Cemetery
Coggin Cemetery
Cole Cemetery
Cole, Maggie Cemetery
Collier-Harris Cemetery
Collins, R. E. Cemetery
Collins-Sirls Cemetery
Collins, W. C. Cemetery
Compton Cemetery
Compton, William Cemetery
Cook, C.T. Cemetery
Cook, Jane Hope Cemetery
Cook, Joseph Cemetery
Cotton, Allen Cemetery
Cotton Cemetery
Cotton-Taggart Cemetery
Cowgill Cemetery
Cowley Cemetery
Crafton (Removed) Cemetery
Creech (Ellis) Cemetery
Creel Cemetery
Crocker Cemetery
Culbertson Cemetery
Cummings Cemetery
Cummins, Betsy L. (Removed) Cemetery
Cunningham, John H. Cemetery